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Skates and Safety Gear

The links provided below are only for example and the same/similar items may be available from other vendors.


There are an endless number of options when shopping for skates and gear, and if you ask 5 veteran skaters for advice, you'll probably get 5 different recommendations.  As you gain experience you'll develop your own skating style and will learn about which skates and gear will be best for you.  However, we can point you in the right direction for some rookie gear as you're getting started.   You will be able to find some of these items locally (see below for shop recommendations), but some will need to be purchased online. 



MOUTH GUARD: must fit securely over your upper set of teeth.  You can grab a cheap mouthguard at Walmart for a couple of dollars.  That will work just fine, and will be great to have on hand as a back-up if you upgrade later.  Many of our girls have SISU mouthguards - you can talk, drink, and breathe while wearing them.


HELMET: needs to be fitted to your head.  Check online measurement guides for proper fitting.  Triple 8 and S1 are brands commonly worn by derby skaters. Make sure to get a helmet that is certified for impact to protect from concussion (remember, derby IS a full contact sport.. protect your noggin).


WRIST GUARDS/ELBOW PADS/KNEE PADS: must fit securely. A couple of popular brands for derby pads are Triple 8 and 187.  Quality knee pads are highly recommended - knees are important and hard to replace SO GET THE THICK PADS!  Knee gaskets or braces can be worn under knee pads for added protection. Wrist guards should have a rigid top and bottom to protect the wrist during a fall.


SKATES: we use quad derby skates.  Many new skaters buy a rookie package or basic starter skates to beat up while they're getting started, and upgrade down the road.  You *can* purchase boots/plates/wheels separately or as a package - buuuuuut, if you're new to this, a package is easiest. You can customize parts of your skates later. Riedell R3s are commonly used by rookie skaters.  You can also search online for "rookie packages" at mainland skate shops.  Check measurement guides for sizing or try on some of our skates at practice.  Skates come in men's sizes, so your skate size is usually about 2 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size.  Get hockey tape or toe caps to help your skates last longer, especially if you'll be going to our outdoor practices. 

Buying Skate Gear Locally:

Bruised Betty's Mobil Roller Skate Shop

15-2858 Japanese Camp Rd
Pahoa, HI 96778

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Oasis Skateboard Shop

215 Hualalai St.

Hilo, HI 96729


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Safety gear

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Safety gear



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