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Roller Derby 101



New to derby and confused by the lingo?  Check out this glossary of words and phrases you're sure to hear at a bout. Never be confused by a panty pass again!


How to Watch Roller Derby

If you're attending your first (or second or third) bout soon, you might like this article.  It gives some helpful suggestions for how to get the most out of your derby-watching experience.  


Why did she DO that?

Did you ever wonder why the jammer called off the jam when she did?  Or why one team seems to be holding just one opposing blocker back?  Or why a team stretches out in a long, single-file line behind the pack?  Wikipedia coves some basic roller derby strategies and techniques - you'll learn about what it means to "goat" someone, how teams avoid penalties by "bridging", and why the jammer might call things off when she does.


Check out the WFTDA Rule Book HERE
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