Get Rolling FAQ

I want to join right now!  What if the next Rookie Camp is months away?


If the next round of Rookie Camp doesn't start for a while, you can still get rolling right away.  


Come to PRG's Free Skate Fridays (at Wainaku Gym, 6-8pm) or our open gym time on Sundays (Wainaku Gym 9-10am).  


You can also begin attending league practices at any point in the season.  Our league LOVES having new faces at practice, and welcomes anyone who brings a good attitude and willingness to learn.  You won't be able to join our drills and exercises until the coaches verify your skill level, but you will learn a LOT by watching and you'll get to know the team.


In general, our practice schedule is:

Sundays, 10-12, Wainaku Gym

Mondays, 7-9pm, Wainaku Gym

Wednesdays, 7-10pm, Sangha Hall

(It's a good idea to contact us before heading for the gym - dates and times may vary.)


When you arrive, introduce yourself to one of our league members - we love new derby friends and will be happy to answer any questions and help you get rolling!  If you're thinking about becoming a skater or ref, you can start working on the basic skating skills that will be covered in Rookie Camp - check out this list.  You'll be ready for our next Rookie Camp in no time!  


Email us at or send us a message on Facebook for more information.


What should I expect at my first practice?


The practice times listed above are the time we spend on the track.  If practice starts at 7:00, get there early and be geared up and ready to begin at that time.  


Bring your skates and gear and a water bottle.  Wear comfortable workout clothes, and wear a teal or purple shirt if you have one.  


Our league starts with an off-skates warm-up for everyone.  After warm-up, you will work on individual skating skills and veteran skaters will be there to answer questions and give advice.  As you progress, you will be invited to join exercises and drills on the track whenever it's appropriate for your skill level.  You don't need to worry about participating in full-contact drills until you're ready!  When you aren't skating, you can help out as a penalty timer or scorekeeper.  You'll get to know the team and learn strategy and rules of the game.  


After cool-down and stretching, everyone stays to help clean up the gym, so plan on sticking around for a bit after practice. 

What kind of skates and safety gear do I need?


In order to participate in PRG practices, you'll need skates, a helmet, a mouthguard, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.  We have a few sets of skates and safety gear available to new skaters who want to try things out for a few practices before purchasing their own.  


Check out our requirements and recommendations for more information about skates and safety gear, or ask a PRG skater your questions at Free Skate Friday.


If you're thinking about Rookie Camp, you may want to order gear beforehand so it arrives in time for your first practice.  



Where can I start learning more on my own?


For a wealth of information about gear, derby health, training, and rookie advice, check out:


Five on Five Magazine's Rookie Guide


The Fresh Meat File


DerbyLife's Rookie Guide